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High-speed train, a technology showcase for rail excellence

Alstom developed the first High-Speed Train trainset in Belfort in the seventies. Since then, all of the High-Speed Train power cars in operation worldwide have been manufactured in Belfort. And today, Alstom is writing the first chapters of the High-Speed Train of the future.

Alstom, a world champion in Belfort

Alstom Belfort naturally imposed itself as THE global center of expertise for the design, manufacturing and maintenance of the High-Speed Train power cars but also for electric and diesel locomotives.

The Belfort site employs about 500 people in engineering and manufacturing, backed by a network of subcontractors with a wide array of expertise. At 80 kilometers (50 miles) from there, Alstom Ornans manufactures the high technology traction motors assembled in Belfort.

Alstom Belfort France train
TGV Alstom Bâle-Mulhouse Belfort-Montbéliard franco-suisse

Envisioning new land mobility solutions

Taking pride in its numerous world records for speed on rail, Alstom’s strongly innovation-oriented DNA is now focused on the High-Speed Train of the future.

The leader in rail equipment and services has also partnered with the “Vehicle of the Future” competitiveness cluster for joint projects regarding new solutions for mobility on land.

It can bank on the competencies of laboratories such as CIAD concerning Artificial Intelligence, modelling, systems simulation or the FC-LAB, a world reference in hydrogen fuel cells.

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