North Franche-Comté, a high power territory

General Electric Belfort énergie turbine

Birthplace of high power

In the middle of the 20th century, in the heart of North Franche-Comté, two of the major global leaders in the power sector (Alstom and General Electric) made history by designing and developing the first gas turbines, steam turbines and high power generators.

Today, the combined cycle 50Hz power units, designed and developed in Belfort by General Electric, are exported throughout the world. GE holds the world record for power plant efficiency. Thanks to its very flexible 9HA.02 turbine that reaches an output of 557 MW with a ramp-up time of only 12 minutes, a manpower of nearly 6,000 experts work in the local ecosystem to ensure engineering, production, transport and maintenance.

With its high concentration of experience and expertise, North Franche-Comté is widely recognized as a global network of excellence in the field of thermal power production.

At the heart of fast-changing power production

The region of Burgundy-Franche-Comté is at the heart of deep changes associated to energy transition.

These changes go beyond the production of electricity. They integrate thought and work in the fields of energy storage, conversion, energy optimization of industrial and tertiary activities plus of course innovation in mobility solutions.

The region has been awarded the “Hydrogen Territory” label and North Franche-Comté can justifiably boast being the French leader for R&D, innovation, projects and demonstrators.

Hydrogen is present as an intermediate energy carrier and the fuel cell as hydrogen converting equipment.

UTBM pile à combustible Belfort-Montbéliard
Énergie renouvelable éolienne

The “Energy Valley” cluster, a European reference

The center of expertise “Energy Valley” comprises over 100 companies operating at various levels of the value chain, from structuring this network to ensuring its promotion.

The competencies and aims of this cluster: to generate synergies between companies, laboratories and local R&D centers while ensuring the promotion and development of industrial expertise.

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