5 reasons to choose North Franche-Comté

An industrial DNA that looks to the future

North Franche-Comté is a land of inventors, scientists and industrialists, ranging from Oehmichen’s helicopter to the creation of Alstom’s TGV high-speed train. It is the birthplace of watchmaking and modern industry with names such as Japy, l’Épée, Peugeot and, nearby, Bugatti, the Lumière brothers, Schlumpf, Lipmann, Clemessy, Schlumberger, Dreyfus and Koechlin. It represents over a century of industrial experience and has become the seedbed for tomorrow’s development.

0 million
vehicles manufactured on the PSA Sochaux site
gas turbines already produced in Belfort
Etienne Oehmichen’s first ratified closed-circuit helicopter flight

The most highly industrialized region in France

Alstom, General Electric (GE), PSA Group and other leading figures of the economy have developed their activity in the heart of this territory around the Belfort and Montbéliard conurbations. At their side, a concentration of stakeholders has generated a genuine ability to create innovative and competitive industrial solutions. Next to the major industrial sectors – automotive, rail and energy – the healthcare, agrifood, digital and leatherwork sectors have a growing presence in the economic ecosystem. Other sectors such as industrial doors or the transformation of special materials, seem seemingly more modest but at the cutting edge of competitiveness.

0 000
employees in PSA Sochaux, 3rd industrial site in France
of all jobs are in industries
Hermès opened the 3rd of its handcraft manufacturing units located in North Franche-Comté

An innovative ecosystem

The growth of North Franche-Comté is based on a pool of skilled labor and bold, imaginative industrialists having a strong capacity to innovate. R&D makes up for 5% of local jobs in comparison to 2% for France overall. The presence of major international industries promotes innovation from both public and private research. The four competitiveness clusters – Vehicle of the Future, Microtechnology, Plastipolis and Vitagora – serve innovative companies. North Franche-Comté is truly in the lead for the “Industry of the Future”.

world-class private R&D centers
of national publications on fuel cell systems are written in North Franche-Comté
Registration in Franche-Comté of F-City H2, the first hydrogen vehicle in France

A great place to live

You will be surprised by the riches of North Franche-Comté. Leave gray towns behind you and marvel at the very colorful architecture. Here towns are in the country and the country brings oxygen to the towns. Nature is resting and the territory offers big city services without the inconvenience of a metropolis. Looking for thrills? You can snowboard, paraglide, go rock climbing, waterboarding or mountain biking.

Is your family with you? Discover the hiking paths, visit the parks and zoos. Enjoy the fine cuisine and the rich cultural life with theaters, movies, concerts, street performances, the Eurockéennes music festival, the Christmas markets, amateur or high-performance sports, renowned restaurants. Take your pick!

North Franche-Comté is the only territory in France with an American international section from elementary school to junior high. It is possible for your children to choose both the junior certificate and the baccalaureate with an international option.

0 000
visitors annually in Montbéliard’s Christmas market
0 000
festival-goers at each Eurokéennes music festival
The Sochaux-Montbéliard football club competes in the first French championship, impelled by Peugeot’s visionary sports patronage

An organized and efficient territory

North Franche-Comté is a key economic hub located between Strasbourg and Lyon. History has given it a strong and distinct industrial character inspired by French creativity, stimulated by German rigorousness and influenced by Swiss precision.

To Paris in TGV high-speed train
0 000
population of North Franche-Comté
gateway to Switzerland

They have chosen North Franche-Comté

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“Notre activité étant tournée vers l’industrie, la région représente pour nous, un espace à fort potentiel avec un important vivier de clients à satisfaire”

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“Originaire du Nord Franche-Comté, j’ai décidé d’investir dans la région et comme le bassin industriel est important, tout était réuni pour notre installation”

“Grâce à cette implantation, nous nous rapprochons des compétences grâce à la présence de nombreuses formations industrielles locales”

“Présent de longue date dans le Nord Franche-Comté, (…) notre Groupe se consolide en investissant dans un centre technique au cœur du parc Technoland 2”


Let’s create a common DNA!

Project holders, entrepreneurs, investors: join the momentum and benefit from the infrastructures that have been designed for you. Here, everything has been organized to accompany you in your success.

The Agency for the Economic Development of North Franche- Comté (ADN-FC) is at your service. In the heart of the most industrialized region of France, we will provide all the necessary support to make your project come to life and flourish.

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