Traditional and innovative agrifood activities

fromage comté agroalimentaire

Agrifood innovation and world reputation for fine cuisine

North Franche-Comté can proudly boast a long tradition of agrifood innovation. Its star representative is the Montbéliard cattle breed, already acclaimed at the 1889 World Fair. The Montbéliarde breed is exported throughout the world and its milk is used for the making of many AOC (1) cheeses among which Comté, the very first to be labelled AOC in 1958.

(1) AOC is a label guaranteeing the geographic origin and specificity of a product. There are 24 labelled products in North Franche-Comté ranging from cheeses and sausages to honey and cherry-flavored brandy.

Innovation supports the agrifood chain

Support to agrifood companies is provided by the VITAGORA competitiveness cluster. It has received the FrenchTech and FoodTech labels and is specialized in the associated themes of taste, nutrition and health. Its network of innovation attracts French and foreign investors of the agrifood industry.

La French Tech - Food Tech - Vitagora
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