Upmarket leatherwork

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Upmarket leatherwork

North Franche-Comté’s leatherwork cluster is recognized as one of the most important in France. After all, our territory has a history of raising cattle and working leather has developed throughout the past centuries, first for the needs of the watchmaking sector and then the automotive industry.

Thanks to the industrial ecosystem that has been set up – and is growing – several leatherwork companies have settled in North Franche-Comté because they found the adequate manpower know-how, training and partners to develop their business.

HERMÈS has chosen North Franche-Comté

Three HERMÈS units dedicated to handcraft manufacturing are presently developing their activities on our territory and it all started with the founding of the Boudard School. Robert Boudard, who was awarded the Elite Craftsman Recognition, founded in 1981 this school dedicated to excellence.

HERMÈS launched its first unit here in 1996 and now employs over 800 highly-qualified women and men.

Hermès implantation manufacture maroquinerie luxe

The third HERMÈS handcraft manufacturing unit was inaugurated in 2018 in the heart of an industrial park.

Voiture Sbarro - Grand Prix UTBM maroquinerie

Leatherwork and car industry collaboration

Leather craftsmen and saddlers (actually making seats) saw a new boom in their activity thanks to the Espera Sbarro School (automotive design) and the University of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM). Automotive OEMs need to meet the growing demand of upmarket vehicle customization as well as the development of the premium market segment where the generous use of leather in vehicle interiors makes a decisive difference.

As an example, the BERTRANDT Group has developed a unit dedicated to this activity, alongside with local craftsmen specialized in vintage car renovation.

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